Why You Should Spend Your Holiday in the Seychelles

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Why You Should Spend Your Holiday in the Seychelles

Some of the dream holiday getaways of many people are the ones that can give them adventures and activities.

On the other hand, those people who have been working hard with a lot of responsibilities each day are usually dreaming of a relaxed and chill holiday vacation.

Whether you are the person who wants to be active or relaxed, you can be yourself and create your own holiday vacation itinerary in the Seychelles.

Spending Your Holidays in Seychelles

In an article published in ‘The Telegraph,’ which deals with why the islands found on Seychelles are the most beautiful islands in the world; it gives a glimpse of the holistic beauty of its islands.

It is not just the external sceneries that make it extremely captivating but also on how the island locals live out not just for themselves but for all living creatures found here.

You are now probably curious about where this paradise is located. Seychelles is located in the east of the African coast in the Indian Ocean which is between Africa and Asia.

The islands are also considered as one of the world’s most beautiful island destinations. The archipelago of Seychelles consists of 116 islands.

Many of the islands there serve as a home for the masses of turtles where they are not threatened in laying eggs at the coasts because of the total protection it provides.

Seven Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Next Holiday in The Seychelles

If you research the best destinations in the world, Seychelles has usually been part of several best travel bucket lists.

  1. The Love in Islands

As you come to experience life in Seychelles, you will embrace the radiating love that is established in every island.

As we go back to the article published in ‘The Telegraph’ by Lizzie Porter, it discusses why Seychelles has the best islands in the world.

It highlights the beauty of nature and the act of respect in every creature found here especially the turtles.

There is a great initiative in saving the beauty of Seychelles which is a consistent balancing act shared by the people, animals, place, and plants.

The locals in Seychelles are setting the goal to develop a beautiful archipelago without destroying it.

This is acknowledged by both the visitors and locals. We can totally feel the love as everyone comes to completely work together to help conserve the islands.

  1. You Get to See Stunning Scenes

You can find one of the world’s best views in this archipelago which is featured by many famous bloggers, influencers, and online publishers.

Being able to see the best scenery that our nature has to offer can definitely affect your well-being or outlook in life.

Scientists have revealed that being in nature can positively impact the way our brain behaves. This can help us in reducing anxiety, stress, and brooding.

It can also increase a person’s creativity, productivity, attention, and ability to socially connect with others.

In research published by the University of Minnesota, nature is indicated to give us a healing effect where it can contribute to physical wellbeing. 

This is helping us reduce blood pressure, muscle tension, stress hormones, heart rate, and other physical illness.

If you are searching for the best travel destination, be in the destination which brings you closer to nature as it offers the best sceneries.

  1. Experience the Best Beaches

There are many people who love the beach. As you look at the best photos that are posted online on the beaches of Seychelles, it is extremely beautiful.

Some of the best beaches found in this archipelago are the following:

  • Petite Anse, Mahé
  • Anse La Passe, Silhouette Island
  • West Beach, Bird Island
  • Grand Anse, La Digue
  • Beau Vallon Bay, Mahé
  • Anse Volbert, Praslin

The Seychelles has a lot of beaches, you can search for the best beach that you want to go to or enjoy some island hopping. 

For active and adventurous travellers, you can take time to experience more of the beauty of these beaches through beach activities.

In contrast, for people who want to have a relaxing holiday, you can take your time in a restful moment with the beach. 

If you are a book lover, you can enjoy your favourite book with a beautiful view and feel the lovely sea breeze as you read.

  1. Snorkeling, Fishing, and Diving with Best Sea Life

If you love to do beach activities, then you can reach the best beaches and resorts in Seychelles.

The Desroches Island offers the best fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling experience that you can have.

One of the major highlights in experiencing the best beaches is the diversity of sea life that you can witness.

Many travelers are also able to personally explore the underwater through the glass-bottomed boats. If you also want to experience this, you can reach out to the service providers.

  1. Excellent Accommodations and Spas

Many people want to have excellent accommodations on their next trip. Are you one of those people?

If so, you do not need to worry because there are six-star luxury hotels and even budget-friendly ones that are found there.

You can have great accommodations with relaxing spas in the major islands.

For the newlywed couples, you can also consider the islands found in this archipelago for your romantic honeymoon.

You can get to have multiple choices in restaurants with local delicacies and international cuisine.

Another great experience of many travelers who are accommodated in the major islands is that they can also get to explore the surrounding islands where many of these are currently uninhabited.

  1. You Can Get to Sail or Hike on the Same Day

As we picture out the beautiful islands of Seychelles, it is accompanied by captivating natural landscapes.

The land formations can get you up towards a highly elevated area where you can see the overlooking view of the whole island that extends to the ocean.

Some of the best coasts to spend your leisure hike is in the path of Morne Seychellois National Park. 

It highlights the catamaran cruise towards the marine park of Baie Ternay.

  1. There are Direct Flights

Since you are considering this for your next holiday travel, you are probably conscious about the availability of flights that can take you towards the beautiful islands.

You no need to worry for there are direct flights that you can book to reach Seychelles.

Enjoy Your Holiday!

Are you amazed by how beautiful the islands in this archipelago are? If you are looking for a great travel destination for your next holiday vacation, then you should consider Seychelles.

The seven reasons itemized in this article can help you as you make your final decision.

Moreover, these are just a few of the many great reasons to be in the islands found in this archipelago.  On the other hand, the best reason that can deeply motivate you is your real intention – to take time and fully enjoy for your holiday vacation!