The Top 5 Most Luxurious Train Rides in the World

The Top 5 Most Luxurious Train Rides in the World

Traveling while taking the train is one of the most efficient options that you can have in your next holiday adventure travel. A lot of people prefer to take a train ride in reaching their next travel spot for it allows them to see more beautiful views, take sight of places, and acquire efficient travel benefits. 

It is estimated that 1.8 billion passengers travel by rail each year which also gives us millions of passengers per day that pass different train stations in the world. Undoubtedly, traveling by train has been part of many people’s lives for it makes our lives comfortable which also relates to the efficiency that it gives in terms of time and cost. 

As you take your train adventure journey, it will allow you to travel the series of routes and points before you reach your destination. Taking a regular train ride can be cost-efficient but a lot of people also prefer to have luxurious train rides in travelling the world due to the level of relaxation, special treatment, and excellent services. 

Taking the Train

Are you curious about why there are luxurious train rides? Once you take in a regular beautiful train ride, you will surely look forward to having an experience of having a luxury travel on your next holiday journey. Let us first understand the efficiency of riding a train. Here are the top reasons why people take train travel packages in reaching their next destination:

1. Time and Cost Saving

The excellent design and engineering of railings have saved up the time that it would spend any passenger travelling. Unlike other land transportation such as buses and taxis, the travel of the trains is calculated properly to make sure that it will not have any accident which also saves your time due to the excellent process that was created for its manifestation. Cost-efficiency is also associated as you travel by trains for it is cheaper than other means of transportation. 

2. It’s Environmental Friendly and Makes People Connected 

Train transportation is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of traveling from one place to another. As you take train rides, you get to travel with other people which lessens the energy consumption required to let a set of people reach another destination.

3. See More Beautiful Views of the Country

From one terminal to another and from one place to the next, you are given the privilege to travel more in taking the train. Elegantly beautiful terminals are also being created which is more evident to the train luxury travel packages that provide the best amenities and services for you. 

4. No More Jet Lag and Turbulence

Train rides can give you the fastest means of transportation from one location to another. The train railings are pre-built and designed before it is being opened to the public. Tremendous preparation and investment are being added in every train railing and transportation development.  Unlike air travel, you will no longer experience jet lag and turbulence in taking the train ride.

The Luxurious Train Rides in the World

Train riders can give us one of the best benefits and convenience in travelling from one place to the next. If you love to take the train, then you also have probably fallen in love with the idea of travelling your next adventure on a luxurious train ride? As we understand the top reasons on why a lot of people prefer to take a train ride, it also takes us to the top five most luxurious train rides that exist in our world.

 1. Venice Simplon Orient-Express, Europe

You can take an overnight journey from London to Venice in a refurbished, glamorous, and beautifully styled art deco carriages that take an elegant appeal. The train ride offers the best luxury quarters that you can book to make the most of your travel experience. 

The train experience will let you enjoy more of the art and the beautiful designs that are also applied in making each train ride a different experience. As you relax and enjoy your overnight or day journey, you will slowly take a step closer to the heart of Europe.

Taking a train ride is not just the scope of their offered services, you can extend it with the offer on a luxurious complimentary stay in Venice. The train aesthetics features a luxurious art appeal that every passenger will hopefully enjoy the most. 

2. Rovos Rail, South Africa

The Rovos Rail can surely provide the best experience in letting you discover the jaw-dropping scenery and wildlife of the country. It also aims to recapture the beautiful atmosphere and romance of the bygone era of travel as it gives five-star excellence in its services.

The Rovos Rail is proud to feature one of the best life on board which assures a relaxing, beautiful, and convenient train ride for you. The train dress is designed to be smart casual and the service train provider offers the best services. 

There are observation cars, dining cars, lounge cars, and club cars that you can maximize your experience as you take your booking in their trains. You can also take private hire for the beautiful charter, corporate tours, incentives, and private functions.

 3. The Royal Scotsman, Scotland

A luxury trip with The Royal Scotsman will happily let you experience the magic and great amusement of the legendary Scottish Highlands. It will also lead you to a mystery and a glimpse of the royalty in the country as you also take a ride in the beautiful carriages of the trains.

Get to see more of Scotland’s most beautiful landscapes by taking a ride on the trains where there is an offered variety of available train trips that are elegantly designed to bring you closer to the rich Scottish  history and culture. Take time to stop at castles, monuments, and distilleries as the train features the best amenities. 

4. The Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

Enjoy Canada’s iconic rock mountain formations and landscapes which will surely be closer to the hearts of the mountaineers. The adventure train ride is a one-of-a-kind voyage that allows you to capture the vast beauty of Canada’s landscapes which is surely priceless as you experience it. 

The passengers will surely be stunned by the terrains of mountains, forests, and beautiful rivers that are specially made accessible by the train. Every passenger will be dropped off to the dazzling local hotel where they are encouraged to enjoy the night. However, there are no sleeper cars on the train and the beautiful view is already a sufficient reason to keep yourself awake.

5. Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, Russia

If you want a luxury trip with a great image of exotic locales and adventure, then take a train ride in the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express. The passengers will be on a 15-day journey where the route and destinations will highlight Russia’s signature settings that brings you closer to the country’s heart.

The 15-day journey is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as it takes you to the most peculiar scenery of the country and lets you enjoy the best Russia food. The voyage will also take you on a tour of Mongolia’s Capital, Lake Baikal, and other beautiful Russian destinations that you should never miss out on.