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We respect your privacy. This policy serves to protect your privacy and sets out our company policy with regard to your personal information. We undertake to keep users’ personal information strictly confidential and collected information will not be disclosed to third parties without the user’s approval or in terms of compliance with legislation.

In using this website you may be required to provide us with your Personal Information for the purposes of registration with MARTIEGREEN. In providing us with your Personal Information, by implication, you consent to the collection of Personal Information by MARTIEGREEN. It is agreed that MARTIEGREEN will then be the sole owner of the information provided and/or collected, MARTIEGREEN will not sell, rent, share or disclose said Personal Information for any reason beyond the needs to provide you with its services.

Personal information includes any information by which you can be identified and which relates to you as an identifiable individual such as your name, physical and postal addresses, e-mail address, internet address of the domain from which you are visiting etcetera. This information will be used to support your interaction with this site, via inter-alia its Service Providers and Affiliates.

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By using our website, you expressly provide us with the necessary consent required to use your personal information.

The personal information provided to/collected by MARTIEGREEN shall only be used for the purposes of providing the user with the services the user has registered for; to customise content displayed to you whether it be advertisements or an offer of another product; to develop, maintain and grow a business relationship with you as a user; for the purposes of developing our services to better suit the users; if compelled to disclose information by any competent court of law, tribunal or forum; or in any other way expressly consented to by the user.

Your personal information is as important to us as it is to you, we therefore undertake the reasonable measures to insure the safety, security and protection of your information as MARTIEGREEN is required to do so under local law (more specifically the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013.

It is further the user’s responsibility to make sure that their login details are kept strictly confidential and will not share such information with any other third-party for any reason whatsoever. MARTIEGREEN takes no responsibility for any loss, damage or harm caused by the disclosure of such information to a third-party. Any user who wishes to know more about the data security practices put in place by MARTIEGREEN has the right to contact MARTIEGREEN directly to enquire thereto.

MARTIEGREEN reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time it deems fit to do so. MARTIEGREEN is not obligated to inform its users of any change in this Policy unless such a change would be considered as material.

Further information as to the functions and services of MARTIEGREEN may be located in the Terms of Use, should this not be satisfactory the user may contact MARTIEGREEN by using the details found within its Terms of Use.